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Twenty to Life: Essays of a man’s journey to change through his incarceration

By David Steece, with photographs by Steaven M. Valley 

While serving a twenty-year sentence for murder in the Idaho prison system, Dave Steece underwent a profound transformation. He entered the system as a white supremacist, and became a high ranking gang leader in the prison system, but in 2012, he had a profound revelation that made him question all his beliefs and assumptions — and this led him to renounce racism, and to begin to speak out against hatred.

From Idaho Prison Arts Collective (with our imprint Idaho Insider Press)! 


Our First Book — Available Now

 Dear Me: Writers in Idaho Prisons Reach Out to Their 12-Year-Old Selves.

This book began with an exercise in a creative writing class at Idaho State Correctional Institute. The prompt was: Pretend that for the next ten minutes, a magic portal going back in time has opened such that you can write a letter to your 12-year-old self. The results were fascinating, touching, and wildly diverse… And now, you can purchase it!


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