Painting at SICI  Students have the opportunity to follow their creative vision, and use a variety of media as they how to paint and draw self-portraits. Rather than approaching art from a realist standpoint, which can be intimidating and frustrating, instructor Jessie Nilo uses an abstract expressionist approach in the spirit of Picasso.
Mindfulness at SICI  What does it mean to be “grounded” and calm, even in the face of stressful situations? There is a potential in each of us for self-acceptance, but how can you approach it in a practical way? In this class with Cyndi Miracle, prison residents explore a variety of techniques and practices of mindfulness.
Ukes at South Boise  Inspired by the ukulele lending program at Oregon’s Open Hearts Open Minds, we’ve sent three ukuleles into the South Boise Women’s Correctional Center, and provide six half-hour music lessons, taught by local singer/songwriter Thomas Paul.
Writing at ISCI  Rather than approach writing by studying technique, instructor Michael Richardson helps students first uncover their creative and artistic imperatives. Once a person’s mission clear as an artist and thinker writing techniques come more naturally. Students explore non-fiction, personal storytelling, poetry, journalism, fiction, and more.
Full Circle: Supporting & Celebrating Crochet in Idaho Prisons  For years, residents of Idaho prisons have been crocheting toys, hats, blankets, and other items that they donate to charities. But they need supplies! Click here to learn more.

In the works are:

  • a dance class at the Women’s North Dorm of SICI
  • If you are an experienced artist or arts teacher, and you want to volunteer, get in touch!

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